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Yamaha YXZ 1000 Stage 2 motor build (350 HP)

Yamaha YXZ 1000 Stage 2 motor build (350 HP)

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Don't take a chance on throwing a rod through your cases. This stage 2 motor build will allow your YXZ to make some big power at an affordable price. Capable of running about 350 crank HP.

Includes the following:

-Carillo Turbo Connecting Rods 

-CP Forged Turbo Pistons

-ARP Head Studs

-Head Gasket

-Oil Pan Gasket

-Ignition Cover Gasket

-Hi Flow fuel pump

-Billet in tank fuel reg housing to utilize OEM fuel reg and maintain oem fuel pressure

-Billet in tank fuel pump mount

-Fuel lines for in tank fuel pump and regulator

-Coil Spring Conversion kit (Converts stock diaphragm clutch spring to six coil springs and provides a more progressive, linear engagement. Included is a billet aluminum pressure plate, six heavy duty springs, spring cups and bolts. Replaces the stock pressure plate/spring with no modifications required.)

-11 Kevlar friction plates 

-10 tempered steel plates



-Does not include engine

-Does not include installation labor

-Although We have been careful to supply you with the highest quality parts possible, we assume no liability for damage to unit or personal injury.

-Making any modifications to the OEM fuel system can result in vehicle damage, fire, and or personal injury. With any modification due so with extreme caution!

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